Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop

27-28 October 2022


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The goal of this event is to bring bioinformaticians across Sweden together under one canopy, build networks and discuss contemporary, new methodologies in big data analysis.

The Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop (SBW) is an annual event that has been organised by different universities in Sweden since 2000. It is targeted at, and organised by, PhD students and postdocs working with any kind of bioinformatics and computational biology.

This year, we are very happy to announce that the conference will be arranged in Umeå. The last (and only) time it was organised in Umeå was back in 2009. The date is set for 27-28th October 2022, and it will span two days filled with inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, a poster session, other activities and a social event. Registration will stay open until 23 September 2022.

The theme is bioinformatics in a broad sense, e.g. multi-omics, genome regulation, single-cell analysis and machine learning. We are aiming to focus on bioinformatics techniques and solutions for research related informatics challenges in healthcare, environmental sustainability and technology development.

Uppsala University

Broad Institute

Harvard University

Heidelberg University

Lund University

Umeå University

Umeå University


Hands-on workshop on single-cell RNAseq data analysis
Nikolay Oskolkov

In this hands-on session, we will cover basic steps in single-cell RNAseq data analysis and integration with other types of biological data (10X multiome, CITEseq). In particular, we will discuss quality control such as gene and cell filtering, as well as data normalization and batch correction, dimensionality reduction and clustering.

Nextflow: Managing workflows for Reproducible Research

Maxime Garcia

Nextflow is a Workflow Manager highly focused on reproducibility, shareability and portability. This workshop will cover what you need to know to start writing your first pipelines:

  • Understanding the underlying Nextflow logic

  • Using containers and/or virtual environment within Nextflow

  • Fast prototyping using small test datasets or stubs

Data Visualization

Juliana Assis, Lokeshwaran Manoharan

The workshop aims to help researchers to visualize their data in different ways using R and to generate interactive plots that can be published in a web-server.


Naturvetarhuset, Floor 3, Umeå University Campus

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The organising committee

Andreas Schneider, Kristina Benevides, Ana López, Itzel Nissen, Firoj Mahmud, Jeanette Tångrot, Chaitali Chakraborty, Barbara Forro (not in picture)

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